Terms & Conditions

Important: Covid-19 Guidelines.

The health and well-being of all guests and staff at Flesk Water Camping is extremely important, and in light of the unprecedented public health crisis we are taking every precaution we can to protect everyone from the risk of transmission.

It’s reassuring to know that camping and glamping is a relatively safe option right now – at Flesk Water Camping, there are no indoor/enclosed spaces where large numbers of people will be crowded close together. However, in spite of the recent easing of restrictions we all still need to stay safe and be aware of the risks, so we are still taking certain precautions in terms of the way we operate.

Until further notice, we will be limiting the maximum number of bookings to eleven sets of households, on the basis that we have eleven self-contained bathrooms.  We will be cleaning the facilities every day; however we simply cannot clean every bathroom every time it has been used so we are asking you to please adhere to good hygiene/sanitation practice throughout your stay.

  • No bedding will be provided for those staying in glamping units (i.e. cabins or bell-tents).  You should bring your own sleeping bags, pillows, air-beds etc.
  • The indoor kitchen is available for use, but please try to minimise the amount of time people from different households spend in it together.
  • There is currently no on-site shop. In terms of groceries, you should assume that nothing will be available to buy when you get here, so please bring as much from home as you need. There is a local shop within a few minutes’ walk of the campsite.
  • We will be following government guidelines on this and adhering to any changes which may be announced
  • Please do not invite friends or family not staying at Flesk Water Camping to visit you while you are here.

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.

These measures are subject to change at any time and at short notice due to government updates.

Main Terms and Conditions

Refund, cancellation and amendment policy
We recommend that you take out enough travel insurance to cover you for your total stay, INCLUDING CANCELLATION COVER.
We would be very sorry to hear of your need to cancel your arrangements and will happily discuss alternatives with you. Should you wish to cancel your holiday, you will be charged the appropriate cancellation fee as per the below. By making a booking, you agree that this refund, cancellation and amendment policy will apply to your booking.  All refunds, cancellations and amendments will be dealt with in line with this policy. When we refer to “you” or “your”, we mean the camper – the person making the reservation.

Should a travel ban be implemented, guests should claim any refunds or costs against their travel insurance.

Reservations made less than 14 days in advance must be paid in full at the time of booking.

Reservations made more than 14 days in advance can be secured with a 50% deposit.  100% of the fee must be paid no later than 14 days in advance of the booking date.

If the date requested is more than 30 days away, provisional reservations can be made upon request without making any payment.  Provisional reservations will be held for a maximum of 4 days, at which point a minimum 50% deposit must be paid to prevent automatic cancellation.

Cancellations and refunds

We are not liable for refunds or any other expenses you incur in the event we are prevented from fulfilling your booking as a result of circumstances beyond our control. Such circumstances shall include (but not be limited to) war, terrorism, riots or civil unrest, industrial action, flooding, natural disaster, epidemics, health risks or such similar events (“Force Majeure”). We strongly recommend that you have adequate holiday insurance in place to cover this.

i) The reservation may be cancelled at any time by the visitor. If a cancellation occurs, the following refund policy applies:
Cancellation up to 30 days beforehand – 100% refund, less transaction fee.
Cancellation less than 30 days but more than 14 days beforehand – 50% refund, less transaction fee.  If 50% deposit ONLY has been paid, there will be no refund – we will retain the deposit.
Cancellation 14 days or fewer beforehand – no refund.

ii) Refunds cannot be given in the event of leaving due to inclement weather or the decision to cut short a holiday which has been previously paid for.

iii) In the event of severe weather, the need to evacuate the site or if the pitch becomes unusable, inaccessible or unavailable due to circumstances beyond the visitor’s control either prior to or during a stay, and no alternative equivalent pitch is available on site, a full refund will be offered. This decision will be made by the site manager.

iv) Check-in is normally between 4.00pm and 6.30pm.  Under exceptional circumstances, we may agree to check you in outside of these hours if it is possible for us to do so and entirely at our discretion.  If you do not turn up when you have made a booking by 8.00pm on the first day of the booking (without letting us know), we will treat you as having cancelled the booking and you will not be entitled to a refund. NB: If you believe that your arrival will be delayed beyond 8pm it is important that you contact us beforehand so that we can try to ensure there is someone available to greet you on arrival.

v) If you leave the site early for any reason (including the weather, unless we class the conditions as being too severe to camp), or you leave early without giving a reason, we will keep any unused fees and you will not be entitled to a refund.

vi) If adverse circumstances, for example flooding, result in the Proprietor cancelling your booking at any time, a full refund of your deposit or unused camping fees will be made. If the site needs evacuating in an emergency situation and there is insufficient time to process a refund on site, you will be contacted as soon as possible after the evacuation in order for the refund to be arranged.

vii) Making amendments (changes) to advance bookings: You can make any amendments to your booking by contacting us through the website or by email, as long as more than 14 days’ notice before the date your booking is due to start is given. It may still be possible to make amendments 14 days or fewer before your booking starts, but this will be entirely at our discretion and subject to site-specific considerations, such as pitch availability. This applies only to making amendments to an existing booking. You cannot completely change the dates you booked with fewer than 14 days’ notice, as this would constitute a cancellation, and any new dates would count as a completely separate booking.

Admission to the site is at the discretion of the proprietor or, in their absence, another staff member.

We let the pitch, tent, cabin or other accommodation to you with the expectation that you will follow the usual customs of good camping, and with due regard to the comfort, health and safety of yourself and others.  We reserve the right to ask you to leave at any point of your stay if the behaviour of any member of your party is unacceptable to us and no refund of monies will be paid under these circumstances.
Please note that we cannot accept bookings from persons under the age of 18 unless they are going to be accompanied by an adult for the duration of their stay.

Events beyond our control
Unless we say otherwise in these booking conditions, unfortunately we will not be legally responsible for any compensation if we are prevented from carrying out our responsibilities under this contract as a result of events beyond our control. This means an event we could not, even with all due care, avoid, including:

strike, lock-out or labour dispute;
natural disaster;
acts of terrorism, war, riot or civil commotion;
malicious damage;
keeping to any law or governmental order, rule, regulation or direction, including advice from the foreign office to avoid or leave a country;
breakdown of equipment or machinery;
insolvency or bankruptcy of service provider;
fire, flood, snow or storm;
difficulty or increased cost in getting workers, goods or transport; and
other circumstances affecting the supply of goods or services.

Vehicles on site must have a current and valid road fund licence and insurance throughout the duration of their stay. Drivers of vehicles, including (but not limited to) motorcycles, motortrikes, caravans, campervans and motorhomes, must hold a full current driving licence to drive on site.
Sleeping in private cars or vans with side and rear windows may be allowed on the site, at the discretion of the management, provided the vehicle has specially designed internal sleeping accommodation such as fully reclining seats and fitted curtains. A tent attachment for changing purposes must be erected. Intention to use this arrangement must be made clear at the time of booking.
Vehicles are not permitted beyond the designated car park and all vehicle movement on site is prohibited between 10.00pm and 7.30am.
All cycles should have appropriate lighting if used at a time when it would be required.
Essential/emergency repairs can be carried out so that an unserviceable vehicle can leave site, however, general maintenance and servicing is not allowed.
Vehicle and/or unit washing, is not allowed.
Drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists are required to adhere to the Site’s 5mph speed limit.
Vehicles and their contents are left here entirely at owner’s or driver’s risk. Management do not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage to vehicles or their contents on site, including the access routes.
i) Touting and commercial advertising is not allowed; no advertising notices should be displayed on a unit.
ii) Trading is not allowed on site, unless agreed with a member of the Site team.
iii) A firm’s car or van, which has the firm’s name and description on the sides, is acceptable on site.
i) Please be considerate of other campers when playing ball games, frisbee, etc.  Such games should not result in damage to any site infrastructure, buildings, trees etc.  In the event of such damage occurring, customers may be required to pay the cost of repairs/replacement.
ii) For safety reasons the flying of model aircraft, drones and kites is prohibited.

i) Noise must be kept to a reasonable level at all times so as not to disturb the enjoyment of others. Please keep noise to a minimum after 10.00p.m. and, if rising early, remember that others may not be such early birds.  Quiet hours are from 10.30pm to 7.30am.
We ask that you please keep all music personal, i.e. wear headphones. Please do not play music on speakers in or around your tent or from your vehicle. Although you may wish to play music very quietly in your tent/car etc, chances are that it can still be heard by others and we do not all have the same taste in music…!
ii) The Site is closed from 10.30pm to 7.30am during which time noise should be kept to an absolute minimum and no vehicle movements are permitted.
iii) Generators may be used at the discretion of the Site Manager who will advise of the most appropriate running times. Customers may be asked to refrain from using them if they cause a disturbance.

i) Flesk Water Camping is a small camping and glamping site.  We would hope to never turn away someone stuck for a place to bring their campervan or touring caravan, but we are not a caravan park.  There is no on-site Chemical Disposal Point.  Please do not empty chemical toilet cartridges etc into the on-site toilets as this may severely damage our on-site waste-treatment and pollute the local watercourses.
ii) To avoid damage to our sewerage system we ask customers to use only biodegradable chemical fluids that do not affect the natural bacterial balance within the system.
iii) Every possible step should be taken to “leave no trace”. Rubbish should be rinsed/washed and recycled wherever possible. Recycling facilities are available on site, but we would ask you to please take as much of your rubbish and recycling home with you.  Please do not bring single-use “disposable” items such as plastic cutlery, plastic plates/cups/glasses etc on site.  If you do not have your own re-usable cutlery and crockery, we can provide compostable bamboo cutlery .  Disposable/single-use barbecues are strictly forbidden.

Children and Safety on site
It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to ensure children are supervised at all times whilst on site and around the adjacent stream. The stream that runs parallel to the site is fenced, but has steep banks, rocks and deep pools of over 3 feet in places.  Children are not the specific responsibility of Flesk Water Camping and we can not be held responsible or in any way to blame should any harm befall them or anyone else in your party.

Pets may be welcome strictly by prior arrangement, subject to the following conditions:

Owners are responsible for the behaviour of their animals.
No more than 3 dogs are allowed on site at any one time. Dogs must not be left unattended at any time.We do not allow on site any breed of dog listed under the Dangerous Dogs act 1991.
Due to hygiene considerations, we do not provide any kennels.  Owners are welcome to bring their own small kennel/pet tent subject to a £5 per night fee, OR allow their dog to sleep in their own vehicle.
No animal is allowed to be loose on site or on footpaths throughout the site and must be kept on a lead no longer than 2m at all times.
Pets should be exercised off site.
Owners must ensure that their pets do not foul the site and are strictly responsible for cleaning up after them.
If it is deemed a pet is creating a nuisance (e.g. barking at night) or causing disturbance to others, their owner will be asked to remove them from site.
With the exception of guide dogs, pets are not allowed in the toilet block or other buildings.

There is a central fire point in the site – please familiarise yourself with its location after arrival. There is a non-smoking policy throughout the site except for the designated smoking area near the fire circle.  It is NOT acceptable to throw cigarette butts on the ground – they must be safely disposed of by extinguishing them under water/in wet sand and then putting them in the metal bin provided.
i) Gas barbecues may be brought on site by prior arrangement only.  They must be purpose-built and portable, standing well clear of the ground. They may only be used in the designated picnic area and not beside tents, cabins, or any other building.  There must be no possibility of damage to the grass beneath/surrounding them. Only fuels for specific use on barbecues should be used.
ii) Camp-fires are not permitted other than in the designated fire circle. Wood is available to buy on site; scavenging for wood anywhere on our property is prohibited.
iii}Cutting or damaging trees and other vegetation is strictly prohibited and the natural conditions are not to be disturbed.  This includes tying ropes to, or driving nails into trees, fencing or other infrastructure.

Any cause for complaint must in the first instance be addressed with a member of staff.

Payment methods
Payment can be made online via our website or using the contactless card reader on site.
Credit/Debit and AMEX Cards are accepted.
A minimum deposit of 50% per booking is required for bookings made via this website.  All bookings must be paid in full at least 14 days in advance.

Cabins and bell tents (“glamping units”) can only be booked for a minimum of 2 nights over a weekend (Friday/Saturday). A £50 returnable damage deposit per glamping unit reservation is payable upon booking.  This will be returned within 7 to 10 days of departure.  (Please call us if this has not been returned within this time).  It is up to the customer to check on arrival the glamping unit and its contents for any damage and inform us of any damage within 1 hour of your arrival.  If after one hour of your arrival no issues/damage have been reported, we will assume any damage/breakages found upon or up to 24 hrs after your departure have been caused by you, and you could lose part/all of your damage deposit.

Day Visitors
As per the Covid-19 guidelines above, day visitors are currently not permitted at Flesk Water Camping.

Car Parking
There is limited parking in designated parking areas for one car per pitch. Extra cars will be charged at £5 per night.

Checking In.

Check-in is normally from 4.00pm-6.00pm each day.  If you cannot arrive during the normal check-in time slot, please contact us in advance to discuss your arrival time.  We will do our best to accommodate you but cannot guarantee that you will get the check-in time that you want.  Camping pitches are available from 4.00pm on the day of arrival.
On arrival, guests should call at reception to make contact with a member of staff and register.
In the very unlikely event of poor ground conditions, a pitch may not be available. The site manager will endeavour to advise the customer in advance should this occur but no responsibility can be accepted if this is not possible.
On arrival, the pitch you chose when making your booking may not be available for reasons beyond our control – however, an alternative(s) of the type you have booked will be offered. The staff member will do their best to accommodate preferences, however, management and safety issues also have to be met. Customers are therefore required to abide by the guidance given when pitching.
The Customer will be directed to their pitch by a member of staff.
Customers must familiarise themselves with the site’s fire regulations and fire fighting equipment and its location as soon as they arrive on site.

Your Pitch
You must pitch as directed by the staff, and not encroach upon any other pitches in consideration of fire, risk limitation, safety and access. If you pitch outside the boundaries of your pitch or your unit is judged to pose a risk to the safety, privacy and comfort of others, you will be asked to move.
At the time of booking, the customer must choose a pitch that can safely accommodate their tent/unit, (plus any ancillary equipment you intend to use during your stay; awning, pup tent, kennel etc).  If on arrival it transpires this can not be done, a member of staff will, if available, offer an alternative pitch.  If the customer has reserved a pitch that cannot accommodate their unit and there are no alternatives, the customer will not be permitted to stay and no refunds will be offered.
Customers are advised that requirements for guests with disabilities should be discussed with the site prior to booking to check for availability that can meet customers’ needs and expectations.
The three metre rule must be observed: Units excluding guy ropes must be 3m apart from adjacent units.
It is a requirement that the unit (along with any ancillary equipment) fits within the confines of the pitch whilst maintaining the 3m rule. If this cannot be achieved you may be required to purchase an additional pitch (if available) or remove the ancillary equipment.
All loose equipment needs to be stored within the confines of your unit.
It is the responsibility of customers to ensure the mains electrical cable from the hook-up point to their unit and the unit’s installation are safe. All units should be protected by a residual current device (RCD). For tent campers, this should be incorporated into a purpose-made mains supply unit designed for tent camping conditions.
In certain circumstances, customers may be required to change pitch or take down gazebos or awnings during their stay. If this is required an explanation will be offered and a member of staff will advise accordingly. The owners reserve the right to charge for an additional pitch for extra large tents or gazebos/pup tents and extra persons.
The transfer or sub-letting of pitches is not allowed.
Prior consent must be obtained by the customer, from a member of the site staff if they intend leaving their unit unoccupied overnight. A current, contactable mobile phone number should be left with the site staff.

Checking out
Check-out must be completed by midday on the day of departure.
Camping pitches and glamping units should be left clean and tidy and “As Found” on departure.
If a customer leaves any property behind on the site (including their own tents and/or ancillary equipment), without paying or by prior arrangement, the site proprietor shall be entitled to make such arrangements as he may deem fit for the removal or storage of such property. The expense of such storage or removal shall be charged to the Customer. In the event of the customer failing to pay such an account within 14 days of an account being rendered, then the proprietor may make such further arrangements as he may deem fit to dispose of the property to reimburse himself for out-of-pocket expenses and to recover any unpaid fees due.

Late Check Out
Due to being a small family-run business we are unable to facilitate late check outs.

The proprietor accepts no responsibility whatsoever for loss or damage to persons or property arising out of the use of the site or its facilities. The management shall not be liable for any loss, damage or theft from or to a vehicle or hire unit.

Lost Property
All items of lost property will be retained for one calendar month.
Items not claimed after this period will be donated to a local charity or otherwise disposed of as the proprietor sees fit, including any monies.
Any lost/left behind property whose owner is readily identifiable will be either directly returned to the owner if still on site, or the owner will be contacted by phone if possible to arrange retrieval/return.
Owners are responsible for the cost of reclaiming their goods. The following items are excluded from this policy:
Credit or Debit cards. These will be reported to the card issuer. The card issuer will then advise what further action is necessary.
Items where there is any suspicion of danger to employees or to the public. The police will be contacted immediately in such circumstances for advice.
Any item that has clearly been abandoned.
Where items of property are claimed the claimant should be expected to provide a description of the items lost. The claimant must sign for all items claimed and record their full name and address.

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