Sustainability and Community Engagement

It matters a great deal to us that our campsite is as sustainable and non-polluting a venture as possible. For that reason, from the very outset we decided to do everything we could to make sure that our impact is as minimal as we can make it and that our project would actually be of net benefit to the local environment.

Trees and the land

A mix of native trees, some 250 in all, has been planted through the site – mainly birch, willow, rowan, wild cherry and fir, with a scattering of oak, beech, ash, copper beech and others.  Summer-fruiting trees such as cherry, plum and greengage have been planted along the boundaries of the camping terraces – help yourself to any that the birds don’t get!

It’s been nearly two decades since any pesticides have been sprayed on the land here and the benefits are there to be seen with the return of wildflowers and wildlife.  While paths and camping areas are kept clear, certain sections of grass are only cut a couple of times a year, and verges and other areas are allowed to grow unchecked. This encourages wildflowers, clover and other habitats for bees, moths, ladybirds, frogs and more.

Renewable Energy & water purity

Solar panels provide most of the electrical energy used on site, and the water for showers and taps is heated using biogas, a renewable fuel source.  As outdoor cooking facilities are provided, disposable single-use barbecues are not permitted.

We provide biodegradable hand-soap in the bathrooms and kitchens so as to minimise the pollution of the watercourses.  All waste water from the loos, sinks and showers is processed using an on-site package plant which releases only clean water into the river.  Theoretically, it’s pure enough to drink, but visitors are encouraged to refill their bottles from one of the taps!

Repurposing, recycling, and leave no trace

In line with the aim to “reduce, re-use, repurpose, recycle”, the buildings housing the bathrooms and campsite kitchen have been converted from rescued refrigerated lorry containers, which would otherwise have ended up in the scrapyard and landfill.  Instead, they’ve been given a second life and repurposed, reusing materials wherever possible (e.g. to fabricate the internal stud walls.  The cabins have been built partially from recovered timber which was otherwise destined to be chipped and incinerated.

Our aim is to minimise, if not eliminate entirely, single-use plastics on site.  We do not provide or encourage the use of plastic disposable cutlery – bamboo cutlery is provided in the campsite kitchen.  Similarly, plastic disposable plates and cups are strongly discouraged.

Community Engagement

The outdoor furniture in our campsite – all the picnic tables, benches and loveseats – were made by Greenlight Gateway Ballycastle, a voluntary organisation which provides training and supported employment for adults with a range of learning disabilities.  We are honoured to provide a supported work placement in partnership with Greenlight’s parent organisation, Triangle Employment Support.

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